Late christmas gifts…

These are some of the things I got for christmas! Couldn’t be more happy! The best thing is when different things you get go well together, like the nail polish and the pearl bracelet I got. With the risk of sounding ridiculously shallow even the computer case looks good with the ear phones. But I admit I had these intentions when I wrote my wish list…

Hope all of you received both love and gifts!





Vivid Vintage

There is a special feeling to wearing vintage clothing. Not necessarily just because the word “vintage” is trendy or the fact that buying used clothes is a great action against the wear and tear era. But it’s rather the affectional value that the garment carries when your buy it, which for new clothes takes quite a while to build up. Nevertheless I still belong to the wide crowd of people that absolutely roll in feelings of happiness and (temporary) satisfaction whenever buying a new piece of clothing but that is usually with the somewhat bitter notion that someone else might just buy it the second after I do. Bitterly not unique. Buying a rare vintage jacket on the other hand strongly decreases the risk of seeing someone else wearing it (and god forbid looking even better in it than I) in the next supermarket.

Yesterday I bought a second hand jacket from the 60’s on SociaTea. Wonder where my new old jacket has been and what stories it has heard?


My exams are finally over!! This means Change with a big C.


From endless reading in heavy books with long incomprehensive sentences that hurt your eyes…


..and countless moments feeling like throwing your computer on the ground..


..To dancing and laughing and wearing your feet’s biggest enemies..


..and getting home way too late seeing the sun rise as you fall asleep..


And waking up to a new morning not knowing what to do. Not having any plans. Just having the time to be spontaneous and curoius about what this day will offer. Because it’s summer- and I am free.

Hello world. Hello NYC.

So, I will just let you jump right into my life. This is my blog about my days, nights, thoughts, coffees, clothes, jewelry, friends, reflections and all that other stuff that are the components of what’s me. Mostly components that you can catch on camera. And also about my big passion for pearls.I wear them, I take pictures of them and also work with them on a company called Frogpearl.

This day in May 2012 I’m having a weekend in the City that Never Sleeps. Seems like more people share my passion here…

 Pearl bracelet worn on Broadway Street

Pearl necklace and pearl bracelet spotted on 5th Ave.