Break the Pattern

Pattern put a silver lining to your daily life, especially the flowery one. It’s easy to fall into the habit of always wearing basic, unicolored clothes but now it’s time to widen our views. At least I am. Hereby I promise to wear more pattern.. at least for the summer.




My friend E wearing both pattern and pearls. Her dress is number one on my wish list.

Looking Good for a Good Cause

Back in Stockholm! The day was spent with the best cure for jet lag ; sushi, sun and friends.


Kungträdgården. Stockholm is more beautiful than ever.



Afternoon at “Happy” on Strandvägen. My friend is wearing the “Playing for change” pearl bracelet. For each sold bracelet 50% is donated to the non profit organization Playing for Change that works for children and young people. A great initiative and a perfect gift.

Wonder what the next Frogpearl project will be…?

Cats in bag, Bags in river?

The day was spent at MoMA – Museum of Modern Art. Really fascinating I must say. Guess my inner artist was awoken and I felt a sudden need to create something of my own – perhaps something that could be called “modern art”. But after a few scrubby pictures in my note book I decided taking pictures is more my thing. So here you go; this is a glimpse of what the world looked liked today…

Top of the Rocks


Still in NYC and love it. Have been really inspired by all the different street styles here and can’t wait to introduce my boring closet back in Stockholm to some new company. Now I’m heading out for drinks at Jimmy’s in Soho. Which one of these friends should I wear tonight?


Think I’ll go with the blue pearls…

Hello world. Hello NYC.

So, I will just let you jump right into my life. This is my blog about my days, nights, thoughts, coffees, clothes, jewelry, friends, reflections and all that other stuff that are the components of what’s me. Mostly components that you can catch on camera. And also about my big passion for pearls.I wear them, I take pictures of them and also work with them on a company called Frogpearl.

This day in May 2012 I’m having a weekend in the City that Never Sleeps. Seems like more people share my passion here…

 Pearl bracelet worn on Broadway Street

Pearl necklace and pearl bracelet spotted on 5th Ave.