Travel for the future


It gets easier to travel eco friendly as more airlines offer the customers to carbon offset their flights. While carbon offsetting your flight some airlines directly invest the extra amount of money you pay for your ticket to green projects that focus on reducing the environmental impact from flying. A tip is to always check for environmentally friendly options when booking your plane tickets 🙂

Det blir lĂ€ttare att flyga miljövĂ€nligt dĂ„ fler och fler flygbolag erbjuder kunderna att koldioxidkompensera sina flygresor. Genom att göra detta investerar dessutom vissa flygbolag de extra pengarna som du betalar för din biljett direkt i gröna projekt – projekt som syftar till att minska flygets miljöpĂ„verkan. Ett tips Ă€r att alltid hĂ„lla utkik efter miljövĂ€nliga alternativ nĂ€r du bokar dina flygbiljetter 🙂

Initiative of the month!

Today H&M started a global initiative for collecting clothes! Anyone can drop of old clothes, H&M clothes or other, at chosen stores and thus contribute to saving natural resources and decrease environmental waste. This fantastic idea is carried out in cooperation with Beckmans School of Design att you can read more about it here. We truly need more companies in the fashion industry to work towards a sustainable future. So think about tomorrow today and buy ethical jewellery and clothing. 


Idag pÄbörjade H&M ett globalt initiativ för klÀdinsamling! Vemsomhelst kan lÀmna klÀder, bÄde frÄn H&M och andra, pÄ utvalda butiker och dÀrmed bidra till besparing av naturresurser och minska miljömÀssigt slöseri. Den hÀr fantastiska idéen driver de tillsammans med Beckmans Designskola och du kan lÀsa mer om den hÀr. Vi behöver verkligen fler företag inom modeindustrin som kÀmpar för en mer hÄllbar framtid. SÄ tÀnk pÄ morgondagen redan idag och handla etiska smycken och klÀder.

Healthy day

Today is day in the name of health. It’s easy to forget to take care of body and mind, especially in a hectic every day life. But this day started of with a delicious fresh breakfast with ecological blueberries and walnuts and continued with a bit treadmill running and yoga. I already feel filled with energy!


Idag Àr en dag i hÀlsans tecken. Det Àr lÀtt att glömma bort att ta hand om kropp och sinne, sÀrskilt i en hektisk vardag. Men denna dag började med en supergod, frÀsch frukost med ekologiska blÄbÀr och valnötter och fortsatte med en tur pÄ löpbandet och yoga. Jag kÀnner mig redan full av energi!

The search for the perfect christmas gift

Always around this time of year that little niggling feeling of stress comes tapping at your shoulder. Where ever you go you are drowned in christmas ads, christmas shops, christmas tips and christmas spirit – yet there is always a small panic regarding what to buy. What would my mother like? Would my brother wear this tie? Are we going to give each other gifts this year? No matter if you are a real christmas worshipper I bet you recognize that feeling (and if not, well congratulations, please send me your book). So this year I’ve tried to start the christmas shopping a bit earlier and really taken time to sit down and think about what my friends and loved ones would actually appreciate. That is usually not something you find in the price tag or the brand. For me, the ultimate gift would also be environmentally friendly. Of course I will not write what I have bought here, in case someone I know would stumble across this page, but I can give you a clue in the pictures from yesterday’s christmas mingle…




Okay, it is pearl jewellery. And it is from Frogpearl. But I won’t tell you for whom I bought it.

Study Pearls?

I’m thinking about taking a Pearl Grading course at GIA (Gemological Institue of America). I have a friend who recommended it and apparently you can take the course on distance. You study both the retailing of pearls, matching, quality and differences between natural and cultured pearls. Since I’m wearing them all the time I think it would be interesting to dive deeper into their journey from the sea to being a part of my necklace. Maybe something to take on next year?

Here is a link to their website:

Fair Jewellery?

As much as I am a coffee drinking, make-up loving, bag collecting and things-that-just-look-nice-buying kind of person I rarely buy something without knowing WHAT I buy. And by “WHAT” I mean different pieces that makes the thing I’m buying something I can buy with good conscience. Like where the good is from, who’s made it and how it has gotten from where it was made to being in my hands (which often is quite a journey regarding most items in a regular shop). What strikes me though is that it is so hard to find sellers of my most precious and biggest shopping addiction that has considered that big “WHAT”. I am talking about jewellery (and as you may have seen mostly pearls). You find eco friendly shirts, coffee, cocoa, carrots and lipstick on everyday basis but what about jewellery? I can count the times I’ve seen a Fair Trade bracelet for example. Some people however are working hard to make the jewellery industry as up to date concerning both environmental and corporate social responsibility issues as any other industry is obliged to be in 2012.

Following the work of the Responsible Jewellery Council I came over this interesting article:

Where are your gems from?


Stop and think.