Stockholm Film Festival

Being a giant film enthusiast the last couple of days have been a paradise for me. I’ve been spending many hours at cinemas watching all kinds of different movies. Today is the last day of the event and I must say I’m filled with new interesting impressions that will last for weeks ahead. My favourite? The movie “Call Girl” – I promise it will move you.



Contemporary afternoon

“Time for some culture” I thought and strolled down a grey shaded Stockholm to Bukowskis. They have an exibit now with contemporary art including paintings, prints, sculpture, photography, video and some things I don’t even know in which category to put. But I guess that’s the charm with art – it’s not always obvious.






Cats in bag, Bags in river?

The day was spent at MoMA – Museum of Modern Art. Really fascinating I must say. Guess my inner artist was awoken and I felt a sudden need to create something of my own – perhaps something that could be called “modern art”. But after a few scrubby pictures in my note book I decided taking pictures is more my thing. So here you go; this is a glimpse of what the world looked liked today…