The Accessory Theory

How many times have you pulled on your favorite black dress, and felt like a million dollars?  Or your favorite pair of jeans?  Heels?  The fact is, we all have those go-to pieces in our closet.  No matter how many times we wear them, they never get old!

Certain accessories should inspire the same type of confidence!  There should be at least one pair of earrings, a necklace, bracelet, and ring that MAKE you feel like your outfit is complete!  Regardless of what you’re wearing, where you’re going, or what you’re doing, staple accessories are a MUST HAVE!

Frogpearl offers an array of gorgeous, genuine pearls.  Why not make one of our pieces your go-to favorites?  You’ll be sure to enjoy the Frogpearl line with every outfit you put on! Image

Check out this fabulous outfit from Hoyer! They’ve included Frogpearl’s South Sea Pearl Necklace!

Cheer Up!


Are you feeling the winter blues?  Do you need a little pick me up?  Treat yourself to one of our genuine pearl pieces!  Frogpearl jewelry is designed to accompany any outfit.  When you, (and your attire) need rejuvenation, add the gorgeous red Cheerish Pearl Necklace.  Perhaps the Hope Bracelet in blue would be the perfect addition to your Sunday brunch ensemble?  You can never go wrong with Frogpearl’s Berry Pearl Earrings in white!  Let Frogpearl be your fashion activist!  Browse now for instant cheer, and a new look!

Crunch Time

We’re coming down to the wire!  It’s officially one week until Christmas.  In addition to work deadlines,  holiday parties,  and children’s performances, you’ve probably found yourself stressing over the never ending shopping list!  Frogpearl’s CEO and Founder, Felicia Sobocki, as well as Co-Owner Johanna Aaker, are in precisely the same boat!  Pictured below are the two of them, hard at work on Frogpearl orders, as well as organizing an upcoming event.  Their dedication to our customers never falters…even during the overwhelming holiday stress!

Felicia Sobocki and Johanna Aaker gather together for a home office Frogpearl work session.

Felicia Sobocki and Johanna Aaker gather together for a home office Frogpearl work session.

As taxing as the holiday season may be, don’t let the joy that’s surrounding you be overshadowed by everything on your “to do list.”  Take time to embrace your loved ones, and reflect on the important things in life.  The Frogpearl team wishes you a very happy and joyous season.  Thank you for celebrating with us!!!

Frogpearl Gift Cards

The Frogpearl Team is proud to announce that we now offer gift cards!  Have you been scouring the Frogpearl web-site, constantly debating what to order that special someone for Christmas?  Is it too hard to choose?   Make sure you give them the exact genuine pearls they desire!  Frogpearl offers gift cards in various amounts.  Each card is carefully wrapped in our signature packaging, and can include a personalized note if desired!

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Sending out pearl orders

July is the month of pearl necklaces! Many customers have used the summer sale offer; 20% discunt on all necklaces, and have ordered just pearl necklaces this month. We are working full time to send them all out. Get you favourite Frogpearl necklace now- with discount – before we run out!

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Sofia Moore

I am currently looking for a new evening gown and was thrilled to find this website: There is nothing more tiresome than trying on dress after dress just to find out that nothing fit. Sofia Moore is therefore perfect; you chose design and color and than you give your measurements so that the dress can be tailor made just for you. Just for me.