From east to west

The Swedish west coast is heaven on earth. Right now I’m trying to transform my sour milk colored body into something with a bit warmer shade. Any color will do – as long as I don’t have to blind people around me with my shiny white legs anymore.

Just another day on the rocks…





Still in Visby and enjoying some free time. I have already forgotten everything connected to planning, structure and must-do’s. It’s like I’m in total denial of the fact that the vacation one day will end.. But that’s weeks away. And in summer time that’s an eternity.



next stop: the west coast..

Hello world. Hello NYC.

So, I will just let you jump right into my life. This is my blog about my days, nights, thoughts, coffees, clothes, jewelry, friends, reflections and all that other stuff that are the components of what’s me. Mostly components that you can catch on camera. And also about my big passion for pearls.I wear them, I take pictures of them and also work with them on a company called Frogpearl.

This day in May 2012 I’m having a weekend in the City that Never Sleeps. Seems like more people share my passion here…

 Pearl bracelet worn on Broadway Street

Pearl necklace and pearl bracelet spotted on 5th Ave.