Late christmas gifts…

These are some of the things I got for christmas! Couldn’t be more happy! The best thing is when different things you get go well together, like the nail polish and the pearl bracelet I got. With the risk of sounding ridiculously shallow even the computer case looks good with the ear phones. But I admit I had these intentions when I wrote my wish list…

Hope all of you received both love and gifts!




Tip of the day: Ecological christmas shopping

Christmas is a perfect time to think. Stop and reflect. It is a time when we make wishes and focus on what we want but also a time when we care and give the most. So let the ethical thinking show through this cold month and give a little extra care to both friends and earth. A start can be to buy ecological christmas presents. These pictures are from the ecological shop Sense Gusto:








Mälartorget 17, Gamla stan

The search for the perfect christmas gift

Always around this time of year that little niggling feeling of stress comes tapping at your shoulder. Where ever you go you are drowned in christmas ads, christmas shops, christmas tips and christmas spirit – yet there is always a small panic regarding what to buy. What would my mother like? Would my brother wear this tie? Are we going to give each other gifts this year? No matter if you are a real christmas worshipper I bet you recognize that feeling (and if not, well congratulations, please send me your book). So this year I’ve tried to start the christmas shopping a bit earlier and really taken time to sit down and think about what my friends and loved ones would actually appreciate. That is usually not something you find in the price tag or the brand. For me, the ultimate gift would also be environmentally friendly. Of course I will not write what I have bought here, in case someone I know would stumble across this page, but I can give you a clue in the pictures from yesterday’s christmas mingle…




Okay, it is pearl jewellery. And it is from Frogpearl. But I won’t tell you for whom I bought it.

Sofia Moore

I am currently looking for a new evening gown and was thrilled to find this website: There is nothing more tiresome than trying on dress after dress just to find out that nothing fit. Sofia Moore is therefore perfect; you chose design and color and than you give your measurements so that the dress can be tailor made just for you. Just for me.