Sthlm Fashion Week 12

This week started of with Stockholm Fashion Week Party. The latest trendy clothing arraying sun kissed bodies of some of the most eminent models and designers. There where people who create fashion, people who wear fashion and some just like me; who just saw it as an excellent opportunity to get some inspiration and to mingle over a glass of champagne. I feel more than ready to give my autumn warderobe a little lift. Or maybe a big one.




Sand, Sun and Spain

Last minute bought airport pocket books, sand and sun lotion stubbornly turning my body into sand paper and countless moments twisting around in the sun chair to make sure not a single spot stays pale. All those typical things for a holiday in the sun. Even though it might sound like I complain I do mean it in the best of ways. Because there is a special feeling to reading those chic lits on the beach, smelling the scent of sun lotion for the first time in a year and feeling your skin being warmed after getting up from a refreshing dip. These are some pictures from Marbella where I spent this week.

And every-day life is heaping up like giant grey clouds. I have to prepare to give vacation a goodbye kiss…