Study Pearls?

I’m thinking about taking a Pearl Grading course at GIA (Gemological Institue of America). I have a friend who recommended it and apparently you can take the course on distance. You study both the retailing of pearls, matching, quality and differences between natural and cultured pearls. Since I’m wearing them all the time I think it would be interesting to dive deeper into their journey from the sea to being a part of my necklace. Maybe something to take on next year?

Here is a link to their website:

New ways of wearing old things



I love finding new ways to wear things! Who said that a skirt can’t me used as a top, a scarf can’t be used as a belt  and a necklace can’t be used as a bracelet? One of my favorite necklaces is wrapped around my wrist in the picture above for example. Just like the worn out cliché expression “Think outside the box” urges you to to; be creative.