Weekend Pics

This weekend I went to the great restaurant Miss Voon! It offers a really cool and almost mystical environment but unfortunately I only managed to take two pictures. One of the tasty ginger drinks that we had and one of me wearing the accessories of the night; a mixture of my favorite pearls..


I helgen var jag på den fantastiska restaurangen Miss Voon! Den bjuder på en cool och nästan mystisk miljö men tyvärr lyckades jag bara ta två bilder. En på våra goda ingefärsdrinkar och en på mina accessoarer för kvällen; en mix av mina favoritpärlor!

Stockholm Film Festival

Being a giant film enthusiast the last couple of days have been a paradise for me. I’ve been spending many hours at cinemas watching all kinds of different movies. Today is the last day of the event and I must say I’m filled with new interesting impressions that will last for weeks ahead. My favourite? The movie “Call Girl” – I promise it will move you.



Contemporary afternoon

“Time for some culture” I thought and strolled down a grey shaded Stockholm to Bukowskis. They have an exibit now with contemporary art including paintings, prints, sculpture, photography, video and some things I don’t even know in which category to put. But I guess that’s the charm with art – it’s not always obvious.