Come spring

Some people have already adapted a warmer look! Here is a friend wearing dazzling colors and matching it with a beautiful pearl bracelet. Something tells me spring is on it’s way..



Vissa har redan börjat satsa på en varmare look! Här är en vän iklädd sprudlande färger matchat med ett vackert pärlarmband. Något säger mig att våren är på väg..


Still in Visby and enjoying some free time. I have already forgotten everything connected to planning, structure and must-do’s. It’s like I’m in total denial of the fact that the vacation one day will end.. But that’s weeks away. And in summer time that’s an eternity.



next stop: the west coast..

Break the Pattern

Pattern put a silver lining to your daily life, especially the flowery one. It’s easy to fall into the habit of always wearing basic, unicolored clothes but now it’s time to widen our views. At least I am. Hereby I promise to wear more pattern.. at least for the summer.




My friend E wearing both pattern and pearls. Her dress is number one on my wish list.