The search for the perfect christmas gift

Always around this time of year that little niggling feeling of stress comes tapping at your shoulder. Where ever you go you are drowned in christmas ads, christmas shops, christmas tips and christmas spirit – yet there is always a small panic regarding what to buy. What would my mother like? Would my brother wear this tie? Are we going to give each other gifts this year? No matter if you are a real christmas worshipper I bet you recognize that feeling (and if not, well congratulations, please send me your book). So this year I’ve tried to start the christmas shopping a bit earlier and really taken time to sit down and think about what my friends and loved ones would actually appreciate. That is usually not something you find in the price tag or the brand. For me, the ultimate gift would also be environmentally friendly. Of course I will not write what I have bought here, in case someone I know would stumble across this page, but I can give you a clue in the pictures from yesterday’s christmas mingle…




Okay, it is pearl jewellery. And it is from Frogpearl. But I won’t tell you for whom I bought it.


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