Fair Jewellery?

As much as I am a coffee drinking, make-up loving, bag collecting and things-that-just-look-nice-buying kind of person I rarely buy something without knowing WHAT I buy. And by “WHAT” I mean different pieces that makes the thing I’m buying something I can buy with good conscience. Like where the good is from, who’s made it and how it has gotten from where it was made to being in my hands (which often is quite a journey regarding most items in a regular shop). What strikes me though is that it is so hard to find sellers of my most precious and biggest shopping addiction that has considered that big “WHAT”. I am talking about jewellery (and as you may have seen mostly pearls). You find eco friendly shirts, coffee, cocoa, carrots and lipstick on everyday basis but what about jewellery? I can count the times I’ve seen a Fair Trade bracelet for example. Some people however are working hard to make the jewellery industry as up to date concerning both environmental and corporate social responsibility issues as any other industry is obliged to be in 2012.

Following the work of the Responsible Jewellery Council I came over this interesting article:

Where are your gems from?


Stop and think.

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