The Biker

A few days ago I saw a fashion oracle on the street. She wore that Acne dress that I’ve been yearning for so long (here), light chestnut colored sandals, a Bayswater and Raybans. All that was missing for the outfit to be complete was of course some Frogpearls but anyway she basically looked like the spotting image of my ideal style this summer. But it was not the clothes that struck me the most – it was her beautiful accessory. A bike. A cool, retro looking bike that just completed her whole appearance. I was starstruck.

So, now I’m becoming a cyclist. I dusted of my bike and released it from my cold basement to let it see some daylight for the first time in years. Hello better shape! Hello good deed for the environment! And above all; hello new, cool accessory!



Birkastan in Stockholm – a perfect place for biking


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